About BPM-Lux

Mobility and flexibility have become crucial in our lives.

Online shopping, is increasing dramatically.
People want to shop cross-border, and are not at home to receive their orders.

Letters and parcels cannot be delivered on time, causing delays, high delivery costs, and frustration, affecting our environment.

People need a solution to receive and manage their letters and parcels in real time, even if at work, or travelling for business or pleasure.

Shop worldwide, using a BPM Virtual  Address in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Italy, or Spain.

We provide mail forwarding and package forwarding solutions to worldwide destinations, from 10 countries.

In Luxembourg and Europe our customers may pick up , at one of the 28.000 +  Parcelshop on the way home or work. Parcels which were delivered by different carriers. BPM-Lux offers last mile and cross-border shopping solutions to cover private consumer and corporate needs, in Luxembourg, Europe, and Overseas.

BPM-Lux is Neutral: No matter what postal, courier, or express service delivers letters or parcels, BPM-Lux will receive it, notify immediately by email, or Virtual Mailbox, scan letters or docs if so desired, and forward them regularly or on demand.
Ideal for personal needs or to optimize supply chain and return management, BPM-Lux.com will receive for you from the Postcard to the Pallet. Shop cross-border with BPM-Lux.com

BPM-Lux.com, is a service of  BPM Germany Address & e-commerce
specializing in order fulfilment in Europe, short or long term storage, warehousing, last mile, first mile, logistics, and worldwide distribution solutions.

Created in 2005, BPM-Lux.com received several awards for this innovative and unique concept, a combination of Mail Forwarding, Mail drop, and Not at Home services, solving cross-border shopping and last mile problems for end consumers, corporate and carriers.
Serving local and worldwide customers.

BPM-Lux is the neutral bridge between end consumers, carriers, and suppliers.
A customer centric Solutions provider for the reception, storage, forwarding and distribution, of items of all sizes, from the postcard to the pallet, on behalf of BPM-Lux.com members and customers.

The BPM Lux Management Team
Know how, committed to the best delivery experience for private and corporate customers, convinced that:

No half of the world, can live without the other half of the world.

Marcela Thiemann, Owner and MD of BPM-Lux.com

Marcela, mother of 4, Interior Designer, related all her life to the Moving, relocation and Logistics industry, as an expatriate herself or supporting her husband in his logistics business, acquired the required experience from the view of a consumer, which she loves to apply to the BPM-Lux.com project.

As an expat herself in different countries, Marcelas kids and husband, experienced  the feeling of missing products from countries they lived in before. A need experienced not only by relocated expats but also by consumers globally who appreciate goods from around the world.
Based in Germany, BPM offers a big advantage for those consumers who appreciate the products  Made in Germany, and other 10 countries in Europe + USA, BPM is represented in.

Marcela is fluent in 3 languages, German, English and Spanish, which allow her to communicate with a major part of BPM Members, customers, and potential customers around the world..

Robert Thiemann, Founder and Adviser of BPM-Lux.com

Over 30 years’ experience in the service industry, managing Relocation, Transportation, Freight forwarding and logistics companies, Overseas, as well in Germany and in Luxembourg.
Robert understands the needs caused by mobility to customers, their families, as well as corporates, Industry and merchants, developing targeted solutions for every need.
Robert is fluent in 4 Languages, German, English, French and Spanish.